Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Necessary Evils

Are they really necessary...I'm starting to think not.

You see, today was the day. The deadline day. Which actually was considered overdue 2 months ago. Let's just say that I'm not the best when it comes to time management.

Today, I decided, humpday Wednesday, I had to have all of my online shops updated, with shopping carts, and all that jazz. I don't know why the tide turned this morning considering I'd been working on everything for the last 2 months at such a leisurely pace that nothing other than calluses on the pads of my fingers have resulted. But this morning, just like the weather, I changed. I was ready to get gritty and nitty and FINALLY get this done. I slathered a bagel with cream cheese (and no, not low fat either, 'cause I'm bad like that) and begrudgingly settled in to work. Now, granted, this evil was self-imposed but it has been no less painful. Why? I'm just not tech savvy. Sure, I can check emails, surf the web, and do a little blog stalking now and then, but when it comes to HTML...for me, it's more like "what the he**???" I really admire (truthfully, I do!)those of you that can do all of this alone, and I know that one day, with God's good grace and continued calluses, I will too. But for me, right now, it's the source of complete and total angst. But alas, here it is and just in time, under the new EXXXXXXTENDED deadline. Now, I think I'll have a much deserved drink.

As much as my ego would like to, I can't take credit for building the website, just entering the text, products, and shopping cart. Check it out and let me know what you think! And...if you really like the design and layout, send me a msg and I'll give you my designers contact info. She did a fab job, if I may say so myself!
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Last, but certainly not least, my Etsy store. Which, is the easiest to create and update, which basically means I was able to do it myself. I love Etsy! If you've never checked it out, please do. You're in for a treat. Everything is handmade and the selection of items is endless. Not only jewelry, but mittens, clothes, vintage items...really, a little bit of everything. It's like raiding your best friends closet. Which, I do all the time. And Amy, if you're reading this, no, you're not getting your shirt back.

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So, here's to my first entry and head dive into the world of online. I'd love any and all feedback that you may have and stay posted. I can guarantee you my life is much more interesting than entering HTML! I'll have lots of tutorials, tips, and techniques with jewelry making; shopping expeditions; and life in general, which I greatly enjoy!

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